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  • Let’s start from the beginning – Why Why-not Theory?

Honestly, this idea goes back a few years from now. Let me share a personal story of mine with you.

In 2015, I lived in Budapest in a dormitory for my university studies with three other guys in a section. Unfortunately, one of our friends decided to change field, that he left us quite early, and this is where Why-not Theory started.

We began to advertise our new open space among our friends, and three of us decided to give space to Martin. Martin is an energetic person, with a unique personality. He came from another field of studies than me, so I did not know him very well at that time. My roommates ensured me that there is no question that he is the one we are looking for to join our pack.

I’ll be quite honest with you, I judged by the cover. For the first few weeks – months, I was not sure, that he is a good fit for our group, as we were hard-working engineer students, and he was different. He liked to balance between hard work and enjoying his time with friends, parties, etc.

Later that year, our other roommates, Joey and Dávid started to work part-time and had less and less time to spend with us. I was quite “busy” with my gaming during our free days to hang out with Martin, even though, he always invited me wherever he went.

But one day..

  • The day, everything changed..

I am obsessed with flying. I had a childhood dream, that I will be a fighter pilot at the Hungarian Air Force and fly all day with supersonic aircraft. However, this dream became a goal to follow my engineering studies, it never happened as I started to love my profession more and changed the plan later.

There was a day when Martin and I were at home, I was “busy” with my gaming again, and he just came up to me to offer another invitation for a beginner course of paragliding.

I instantly said no, due to my rapid judge of the cover, but in the next few minutes I couldn’t think about anything else, but the flying. Not to let his motivation evaporate, I quickly went to him to say…Why-not?!

We quickly enrolled in the course and participated to learn how to fly a paraglider. After a few occasions, and a lot of bruises later, we were happy to say, that we mastered the basics of paragliding.

That time we started to cooperate together, and hang out more, with many crazy and not crazy ideas, using the same phrase over and over again: Why-not?!.

  • What to take home from this

Since the paragliding Martin and I built an inseparable friendship, even though we are now a thousand kilometers away.

The biggest lesson I learned from this is: – the teaching is real –

“Never judge a book by its cover”

There is so much thing to experience and enjoy in life, you just have to say yes, and ask yourself, “Why-not?”. If you are not able to answer this question instantly, just do it! 😊 Believe me, later I will show you how it changed my life step-by-step.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog of my life, if you did, please subscribe as I will post similar stories and bits of advice weekly on this website. Check out my social media pages and get in touch.

Have a good one! 😊


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