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The one-day-old blog

Hello my Friends! Welcome back to my blog.

Finally launched it

Storytelling is something that I really love to do in my spare time. Trying to share my thoughts and curiously waiting for a response from others. Creating a deep, meaningful conversation about how different human mindsets work. All of these are something extraordinary for me that I was super excited about for a long time.

Obviously, the step I took to create a website, where I can share ideas with an extended community all around the world can be called a huge leap for me.

Was it worth it?

How does it feel to have a one-day-old blog?

Online blogs are around us for decades and when I first heard about it as a kid, it seemed like not a big work. You create a website and write about things, etc… But what are you writing about? The more I thought about the process, the more unsure I became about it.

As a kid, I believed that keeping the motivation about such things as being all time creative and writing a blog is hard. I always wanted my website to be launched, but I carried the thought from my childhood, that I won’t be able to keep up my inspiration to write, to create. I am not good enough for this.

When the framework of this website was coming alive, I knew that I have boundaries that I have to overcome. I was excited and terrified at the same time.

Suddenly, I just pressed the button, and I launched my first website, filled with my thoughts.

I had a hard time sleeping. It was not because of the visitors, their reactions, the lot of time I put into the design, the first blogs, but the excitement that I did for something that I love and it feels good.

It was worth it

I woke up today, and I cannot stop smiling. I did it. I overcame my boundaries and sought discomfort. I succeeded in my first step.

They say, the first step is the hardest and a start of a long and fruitful journey. Let’s get started! 😊

A million also starts with one

Everyone has struggles, boundaries, fears to deal with. But, as soon as you make your first step, everything will start becoming sharp and you will know which direction to take your actions.

Believe me, it looks more complicated than it really is.

Let’s get down on this road together and find out how this story will continue.

Have a good one! 😊


A million also starts with one.”

Albert Csete

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