Learn to care about others – first steps

Hello my Friends! Welcome back.

Habits to help

I have a really bad habit, which is sometimes when I get online messages, I forget to answer them. Not because I am a jerk, but because I answered them in my mind, just haven’t pressed “Enter” to send it… These times we usually have a gap in our conversation, which causes a quite uncomfortable situation for each of the parties. I know, I am working on it. The world gets faster and you have to slow down when it is necessary.

On the other hand, I have a habit, which I really love. I ask randomly my friends and even casual people how they are. Sometimes I get really interesting answers.

Most people get stunned, when I really mean the question, I want to know more about them. Even you approach them via electronic device or in real life, this is a question, that they are not prepared for.

“Someone is actually caring about me?” – Yes, and surprisingly, not only your mom.

How are you?

There are different countries, where this question means nothing. You just pass it next to your “hi”, showing your effort for the others. At the moment the other person starts to tell the story of his/her life and they are shocked.

Do not ask if you do not care.

Interesting, how people have a need about this question. Everyone has their own demons to fight with, but some of us need some help to overcome these problems. You never know how much it means to someone in great need.

Due to the fact most people are communicating via electronic devices, it is much harder to express your feelings in a natural way. You do not see faces, and everyone can fake their actual reactions and moods. So, it is easier to think. that this question is not real.

Learn to listen

If you mean the question, you should have time to listen to the answer all the way. Even if you have no noticeable advice to their problem, it can make people feel needed and cared for when you are willing to pay attention and dedicate your time to them.

Many times, you can see people tossing the question to you, but when you actually tell them the answer, they run away referring to their lack of time.

If you ask, you must listen.

This will make you a better and more reliable person. Even, it is possible, that your fellow human being needed only this much caring.

Be approachable

Do you know the feeling, that people around you are trying to come to you for advice, help or when there are people who are keener to sit next to you on the bus, even the half of the bus is free? It means your expressions are friendly, and people like to be around you.

This advantage can be used to help others, lighten them up, let them speak out their hard topics for you. You are able to learn from other’s stories, and at the same time help them. I call this a win-win situation!

Keep smiling

A smile is an evolutionary facial expression, showing our partners around that everything is good, we are happy. This expression shows to the others, that there is no problem and they are automatically going to be in a better mood, so we say, the smile is contagious, which helps you too to be more approachable.

I will invite you for a daring challenge. Go out to the street and try to smile at as many people as possible. Check their reaction. Most of them will smile you back almost automatically. 

I am planning to write a blog about smiling, as it not only helps you to connect to others but also has hugely beneficial effects on you. So, keep smiling! 😊

Be the initiating party

We are one society; we need to care about others to keep up and to improve further. We live in a capitalistic world, which tells us money is more valuable than human life. Try to break out of this entrenched worldview, be the first who ask more, and care about the people around you.

Do not expect others to give you instant attention back. Focus on the small actions and eventually, the support will fly back to you. They need you and you’ll need them. This is how it works. Just stay positive!

You can read my new post about be more initiative and how I use it and how it change my life. Check it out as well! 🙂

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Have a good one! 😊


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