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Hello my Friends! Welcome back to the blog.

In this post, I share a story about why I believe being initiative is better for approaching many situations.

I have countless examples of why my life change to positive because I dared to step up and taking more initiative when I needed to. Let’s have a look at one of my stories which gave a new challenge in my life.

French Horn – “Sorry, what is that?”

I am coming from a musical family. My father is a drummer and they had a quite successful metal band back in the ‘90s. I’ve been listening to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden since I was one year old. Thanks Dad! There was no question that I would cultivate a close relationship with the music.

I was in 5th grade in elementary studies when a group of music teachers from the local music school stormed the institute to recruit kids for the next semester. They brought a lot of different kinds of instruments, such as trumpets, tuba, trombone, and also a French horn.

The person played a few notes on it and then suddenly asked the whole class: “Who wants to try it out?”

I instantly raised my hands. “I would!”.

I just ran there instantly, blow a big one into the instrument that I’ve never seen before and I created my first proper note on it. The teacher praised how good I was at this, and proposed that we should definitely not waste a talent like this -obviously- and I should enroll in the course (really good marketing Sanyi..😊). I believed what he said, so, I decided to enroll in the course for him and learn how to play the French horn. It is interesting, that sometimes we only need positive feedback, regardless of what and how we do it, to keep us on the track.

This was 15 years ago since I received positive feedback from my teacher, encouraging me to start the course, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I studied for ten years at the local music school, gained an enormous number of friends and memories, thanks to this initiative and random moment.

Thank you Sanyi for everything!

Dare To Be More Initiative

Being initiative has more advantages than being hesitant all the time. Can you recall a moment, that you regretted not doing something? You were at the edge to say “yes”, say “why-not?”, but just backed up. It happens with everyone, but it does not mean you have to stop.

Everyone who created their success used this really easy concept, by taking initiative. Facing new challenges and conquering them is possible, by taking initiative. External success, such as new friendships, performance at work, new adventures, hobbies and so and so are the result of taking initiative.

This concept can be applied with friends, family, strangers, in business, and on yourself as well.

In Hungary, we have a saying that expresses the whole point of this concept:

Do not wait for the roasted pigeon!

You need to put in the work to gain from it. The roasted pigeon will not fly into your hands by itself. Let’s get started.

Do Not Fear To Fail

The biggest fear of almost everyone on Earth is to fail. I had a big problem with this mindset until I realized, there is no fail.

You succeed or you learn… There is no fail.

To be more initiative, first, you have to be sure, that your mindset is in the place to help you. If your mindset is not working together with you, you will be struggling to progress.

Learn to accept failure as a good teacher and not as a preacher.

Adopting the new mindset is the hardest part as it has the biggest power over you. Once you tamed your mindset and it works as you want, do not let it slip. It is really easy to loosen our grip on ourselves and get back into our comfortable mindset, which forces us to do nothing.

Keep your mindset tight.

Stop Waiting

You only need a good idea and good people around you. Easy right? Definitely not.

There are a lucky few, who have an idea of what they love doing and how to reach it, but there is the other and larger group, who has not that much luck.

Most people stop acting as they do not truly know what is their passion. There is no end goal to be reached, they are living from one second to another without realizing that the time is ticking tirelessly.

There are two decisions people can make in this situation:

  1. Waiting to be blessed with a thought about your passion.
  2. Push yourself to find out and reveal what you actually want.

I was never more motivated by only waiting and procrastinating. It can end up in a long and painful life, where more and more questions will appear:

“What would have been if…?”

Stop asking this question and put a step in the direction of what you think is the right one. It might not be the right direction but does not matter, you can always modify it along the way.

Put In The Effort

If I would never have raised my hand, I would not be able to play Mozart’s Horn Concertos. If I stop practicing, I would have to be stopped with this hobby of mine. If I would listen to my parents’ first reaction, when I told them I want to play the French horn, I wouldn’t have started it at all. Luckily, they saw my passion for it, so after all, they supported me through the whole journey. All in all, I would have missed a lot of fun, joy, friendships, and stories of my life.

You must have the dedication, that what you are doing is good and then show up every time and put in the work to get ahead. There is no magical rod that could help you, but you.

Yes, it will be hurtful sometimes, you also need to sacrifice things. But keep your steps steady into success, by showing up and do your progress every occasion.

Dare to dream big and dare to realize them.

Hurt is a success. Learn all the lessons on the way and try it again. Remember, if you start something from scratches and you fail, just do it again. Your next attempt will be based on experience, not a scratch.

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Have a good one! 😊


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Barack Obama

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