What Makes Someone a Good Listener?

Hello my Friends, welcome back to the blog.

Good to be back and share with you my thoughts about a quite interesting topic: “How to be a good listener?” 🙂

In this blog, you will know how to become the listener, who tells more with fewer words and can support the environment deeply by the ability to listen.

“Go-on”, The Magic Word

As I wrote in my previous blog (Learn to care about other #004) the ability to listen does not come easy. We have to learn step-by-step.

The majority of people have “no time” to listen to you, they egg on us, which means they don’t care about the real meaning of your talking. They are interested until you reveal the information that they need, and further, they are only blind ears for you.

If you want to help others in small steps, just simply start saying “go-on” in the conversation. Believe it or not, they will be surprised that you actually care what their story is, and how it ends.

By this, you show them respect and care which they will appreciate that much to continue with more enthusiasm and joy while you can dig deeper and deeper into the details of the story of your partner, getting to know them slowly. This makes a relationship deep and firm, keeping people together.

Clear The Thoughts

A good listener is able to check behind the scenes, cut through the vague thoughts and clear out why we are mentioning exactly what we say.

“I feel terrible at work nowadays” or “My partner and I are having hard times nowadays”, a good listener helps the partner to concentrate the meaning and make them focus on the real reasons behind these statements.

Be gentle and avoid being pushy. Some people have a bad day enough to make them tolerate our curiosity as well. Remember, if you are not qualified to give them advice, the best you can do is to listen to their words.

Separate Disagreement from Criticism

When a conversation is not personal, it is easy to start criticizing the person, whose face you’ve never seen. Due to this, especially in the digital world, being disagreed with is often an expression of hostility. Sometimes it can be right, but a good listener can clearly state that they can really like you and in the meantime, they can disagree with you. No criticism

Many times, the honest opinion or disagreement is not shared because of the personal connection with someone or the unwillingness to hurt someone.

I believe it is not a worthy tactic. Honesty with clear communication is the greatest power we have. Let’s use it, but choose your words wisely and listen to what others are saying to you.

I hope you enjoyed my newest post. Thank you for reading or listening to my blog.

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