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Learn to care about others - first steps
Hello my Friends! Welcome back. Habits to help I have a really bad habit, which is sometimes when I get online messages, I forget to answer them. Not because I am a jerk, but because I answered them...
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Seeking Discomfort - First time alone
Safe-zone Aside from the fact I spent three and a half years on my own in the heart of Budapest, I always had the safe feeling. My parents were about three hours driving away from me. Whenever I would...
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The one-day-old blog
Hello my Friends! Welcome back to my blog. Finally launched it Storytelling is something that I really love to do in my spare time. Trying to share my thoughts and curiously waiting for a response...
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Story of Why-not Theory Blog
Let’s start from the beginning – Why Why-not Theory? Honestly, this idea goes back a few years from now. Let me share a personal story of mine with you. In 2015, I lived in Budapest in a dormitory...
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