Sharing a story, which has some lesson at the end to be learned.

How to Be More Effective?

Hello my friends, welcome back! In this blog, I’ll tell you how I work on my progress of being more effective with my duties, work, and even hobbies. I hope you will also get some idea, how to be more effective with you daily tasks. 🙂 Are you ready? Here we go! Get A Headphone

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The Power of Smiling

Hello my Friends, welcome back. In this post, I will share some information about the smile. Why our teething habit is developed in such a way and why is it worth practicing it more often as it influences our mental, physical and social health at the same time. Let’s have a look at what a

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The one-day-old blog

Hello my Friends! Welcome back to my blog. Finally launched it Storytelling is something that I really love to do in my spare time. Trying to share my thoughts and curiously waiting for a response from others. Creating a deep, meaningful conversation about how different human mindsets work. All of these are something extraordinary for

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